Sunday, March 31, 2013

Walmart offers you a wide selection of methods to pay for products, which will include gift cards as well. If you buy a Walmart gift card and there is a Visa logo on that card, you will be able to use that gift card exact like a Visa credit card.  If you are interested in making a purchase on the internet, or you simply need to keep track of your spending, you`ll have to register your gift card first. Doing this is a rather simple and fast process.

1. Check out the or sites to register over the internet. Make a click on the “Register” icon. If you are not planning to use your gift card over the internet or you do not really care about tracking your own transactions, you don`t really need to register.

2. You should enter the number of your gift card. This number will be found on your gift card`s front and it has 16 digits (just like any other type of gift card – Shell gift cards, Target gift cards or cards from Disney).

3. You should type in the code from the security field as it is required. The code is that 3 digit number that can be found on the back of your gift card. Normally, it can be found on the right hand button corner of the signature strip.

4. You should type in any info necessary, including any verification codes as offered to you on the site.

5. Try to sign the back of the gift card as soon as you will obtain it. If someone else finds it, they might use to see if your gift card is already signed. This signature have to match its user, so if the gift card gets in other people`s hands, a cashier might notice this.

If you want to register your own Walmart gift card, you can do this by simply following the above guidelines.

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